AUDUSD failed to make a new high

Last week, I was betting on the chance AUDUSD would make another rally, but it turned out to be a miserable nosedive. So, I closed AUDUSD long position that I held for 3 weeks. It was +0.95% plus swap interest gain. I do not account interest gain into the capital growth since they are usually less than 0.1% fluctuations of the entire capital even when I hold position this long.

I modified my Elliott wave count a little to reflect this potential finale of the AUDUSD rally. Here is the weekly chart:

Again in this long term, it could be the end of b that is followed by c that makes even lower than 2008 bottom. But when I short AUDUSD, I should rather look at the secondary scenario, labeled with parenthases, that is more conservative downward estimate: (.II).

Here is the daily chart, assuming Wave V was ending diagonal:

I will be prepared to bet small capital to be short AUDUSD when I see the rebound 2 around1.065 level.

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