This is it! Time to take a big bet on AUDJPY short

AUDJPY crossed the red line during May 6 madness, but I was hesitant as it may really have been a noise (and certainly the market’s rebound was substantial).

I am a short term trader, but looking at what I missed with EURUSD, I think this is the time to look at the woods…or even the mountain, not a tree. I take EURUSD as the drill for the real event.

Here is the weekly chart of AUDJPY. A while ago, I dared to present one possibility of AUDJPY hitting 35.00. Today, I sold the crosscurrency at 75.09. Stop loss at 80.10 (above the red line). It is a 500 pips potential loss! So, I keep the position size small initially, and I will increase the position as I get more edge. It is pyramiding.

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