How to copy Risk Control Spreadsheet and change sharing option

(To learn about Rational Move’s Risk control spreadsheet, read this)

1. How to copy the original spreadsheet

1. You need to make a copy of the original spreadsheet in order to start recording your trading performance. To copy, go to File menu (left top) and choose “Make a copy…”

2. Copy Document dialog box opens, and you pick a new name for the copied document. DO NOT check the checkbox that says “Also copy document collaborators”, otherwise, I will be able to see your document (and I do not wish to).

2. How to change sharing option on Google Docs

If you accidentally added RationalMove as the collaborator or viewer of your own spreadsheet, you have to remove RationalMove from the document.

To do this, first open your own copy of Risk Control Spreadsheet. There is Share button on the right top corner. Click this and choose “See who has access…”


After “Share with others” dialog box opens, go to “People with access” tab, and remove RationalMove by changing from “Can view” or “Can edit” to “None”


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