$EURUSD Expect rebound to 1.4376 but hold on to the position.

Update: I completely closed this position at 1.4200.

It’s always good when the first news in the morning is the realized profit of 240 pips in a single trade.
The limit order to take the profit from my first half of the position entered at 1.4545 was filed at 1.4305. It gave me 3.6% return.

Now I am left with the other half of the position, entered at 1.4489. (The new US regulation requires first-in first-out transaction.)

If my count is correct, we have just finished the black 3 wave at 1.4250. I would expect a rebound towards 1.4376. A 130pips rebound might give shorter term traders a good reason to get out. There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s just not my case in this market condition.

For now, I will keep my 1.4430 stop loss. If anticipated black 4 shows enough 4th wave characteristic (i.e. complex wave within a range), I may consider selling more before the final descent towards 1.4171 level.

Also notice how well Fibonacci support levels worked, and they agree well with the support levels from trend lines and previous lows & highs.


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