$EURUSD Play by rules, not guesses...

I have not touched my short position yet. I am surprisingly patient.

I could have took partial profit at 1.4330 level, or even at 1.4385 when it broke up the short term trend line resistance (see the black line). But I was busy with other things…

Plus, my New Year resolution in trading is to keep on sitting tight unless it reaches to my initial target level, or it breaks Elliott wave rule for the trend to be an impulse wave (I only trade on impulse waves).

So, if EURUSD reaches 1.4454, it is a clear breaking of impulse wave criterion, so that is where my stop loss order sits.

And I use the travel distance of blue underline from the current resistance (1.4416), it is just around 1.4300. So I put my initial profit taking level there, but maybe a few pips above because of the bid/ask spread.


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