Elliott wave analysis of the week - December 27, 2009

I gave back to the market by just a little (0.5% of the capital) with the last short position in AUDUSD. With this loss cut, I decided to sit back and see if the current price is on the course of the black 4th wave:

EURUSD seems clearer to me to count the wave for some reason than AUDUSD. I believe EURUSD started the blue underline wave 2 that whose scale in price and time should be comparable to the initial wave down (blue underline 1). If this is the case, the rebound of EURUSD is just a begining, and it should continue towards mid January. I am planning to long EURUSD from purple .B to .C (In zigzag waves that traces as A-B-C, the C wave is likely to be an impulse wave, and it would be easy to trade.):

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