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AUDUSD: leading diagonal?

I did not close position in March and there were no other trade. So Q1 was flat.

I initiated the AUDUSD short position on March 29 along with my mid term view explained in the previous post.

It’s been 10 days, and I closed all with 0.95% gain. I had expected AUDUSD to accelerate the downfall but what we actually saw was a non-impulsive move:

I’d like to think .1 a leading diagonal wave. If I am correct, I will have a .2 correction before speeding the downfall to .3.

Dollar’s correction phase nears?

I traded short AUDUSD and EURUSD. I lost on EURUSD, but I weighed much more on AUDUSD that was win, so I made a small profit (0.38%). I have to reflect on the bad $AUDUSD selling operation today though. If I kept the pos from 0.9110, I could have made 3.75% return.

Now I think it’s time to stop trading for a moment and think about the mid term outlook.

Dollar index. I can clearly count 5 wave structure of an impulse wave from the bottom. Dollar may extend another few days or even a week, but I am expecting a correction towards purple .II from here. The distance purple .I traveled was much farther than I had anticipated. This may mean that the dollar will appreciate so dear in the mid to long term despite the US budget deficit fear?


EURUSD 12 hours chart. It may go further down around 1.2800? Or 1.3265 (blue underlined 1) was acutally the end of black V and purple .I and EURUSD will be entering the corrective wave up?


EURUSD 60min chart. I can clearly count 5 waves down to 1.3265. If it is the blue underlined 1, we should see purple A-B-C upwards to blue underlined 2. If an impulse wave will appear instead, I would expect a greater rebound of EURUSD towards 1.4000 (or even higher) in coming months!


Gold. My last trade (a couple weeks ago) was a loss. Gold is not quite ready to be launched yet. We may see rebound to $1145 in next weeks, but should be quiet over all.


Lastly, AUDUSD. In the mid term, I am still not sure if 0.94 in Nov ’09 was the peak of blue underlined b. I put the secondary scenario with parentheses in this weekly chart.

For now, I trade carefully with the first scenario.

Now the whole move down from 0.9250 looks like a leading diagonal. If my count is correct, we should see a very short rebound to 0.9175 before going down to 0.8950. The process most likely non-impulsive. So, it will be difficult to keep one’s faith in the position whether it’s long or short.


$EURUSD Took -1.46% loss now seeing two potential scenarios.

My long position from the last week ended with loss of 1.46%. It’s not terrible, but maybe I should have passed that trade.

Now I can see two potential scenarios. The main scenario expects the current choppy market is in the process of completing the leading diagonal. The secondary scenario (shown with parentheses) is expecting flat wave.

If it leads to the first scenario (i.e. the price reaches to Feb 9 high level), it should be followed by a-b-c correction downwards. I would try short EURUSD at C wave of this correction.

If it turns out to be the second scenario, I would consider buying EURUSD along the blue underlined (C).

Either way, it would take a few days to develop. So I am just watching for now.


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