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Giving one more shot for short AUDUSD

Update (8am, June 28) This plan has been canceled before execution

To summarize the last AUDUSD trade, it was a great entry point and total miss of the exit point, ended as a break-even trade.

Seeing that 1.02267 resistance (.1) is intact, I am thinking to give one more shot of being short AUDUSD. The descent from 1.02244 (.4) to 0.9965 you can see in hourly chart can clearly be counted as an impulse. So, I will sell some AUDUSD when 0.9965 breaks down.

Still holding AUDUSD short positions

So far so good. I am actually thinking to increase the position once it goes lower than 0.9686 (.3)

AUDUSD: leading diagonal?

I did not close position in March and there were no other trade. So Q1 was flat.

I initiated the AUDUSD short position on March 29 along with my mid term view explained in the previous post.

It’s been 10 days, and I closed all with 0.95% gain. I had expected AUDUSD to accelerate the downfall but what we actually saw was a non-impulsive move:

I’d like to think .1 a leading diagonal wave. If I am correct, I will have a .2 correction before speeding the downfall to .3.

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